I don’t like the way the future seems so dark

The future… 2020 and beyond… Don’t you just feel we are running in the wrong direction? But how do we harness the power of humanity when we are being led by politicians with short term goals supported by a media that is determined to misinform, just providing comforting lies rather than the harsh truth?

What is the truth anyway? Do I have it? Unlikely. But this site hopes to provide a view different from the deliberate misinformation from the Main Stream Media (MSM). I will be posting out the deliberate and continuous spin and “gaslighting” come from ALL newspapers, ALL TV news channels and ALL radio news. The BBC should be providing balance. Some people believe that it still does. But those people have been “gaslighted”.

So, come here… contribute…

  • Point out spin and lies
  • advocate positive change

While we not focus of the small stuff, sometimes language does matter. We will look at the way narrative from the MSM is gaslighting the public.

In summary:

  • This site should be of interest to anybody in this “post-truth” age
  • We will only be be supporting positive change: no hate speech!
  • Gaslighting is easy to spot once it is recognised.

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