Take It On The Chin

Catch Up

Trying to keep up with CovId-19 news and changes in policy is difficult for the DailyGasLamp which was set up to expose the fraud of the 2019 General Election. Again the haze, the confusion, the smog… the Main Stream Media seems united to praise Boris Johnson’s handling of the situation and his “scientific” approach. Yet “clearly”, this science was basically a bunch of non-medical people considering the impact on the economy since they were ignoring WHO advice.

To asume this chaos is in some way just inevitable is getting away from the level of pre-planning undertaken by the government in this country and abroad. Obviously there is a big row about this. The Dominic Cumming’s Do-Nothing approach to develop Herd Immunity which Matt Hancock et al are trying to distance themselves from… was a disasterous policy which will cause thousands of further lives to be lost.

Johnson really meant for us to “take it on the chin” and develop Herd Immunity. It was a deliberate policy as this thread shows (Thanks, Stefan Simanowitz)… another reason to hate Dominic Cummings.

H1N1 and other flu outbreaks have occured in past decades. The current modelling tool for this current pandemic was written some time ago, modeled for a flu outbreak, and is now being rapidly updated to cater for CovId-19 and making it available for policy makers.

The modeling initially was wrong, assuming CovId-19 was like flu and the impact underestimated.

That’s the official story, right? All these events “just happen” don’t they?

Something is Not Right

The DailyGasLamp is here to shine a light on the foggy details. Since we are in the middle of this, it is unclear, but using the lens of skeptism there are a few things that do not seem right. Each point below is going to be a range of increasingly unlikely statements but all of them, collectively, look like the elites have (again) being playings us like pups.

  • Firstly there has been pandemic planning in the UK and worldwide for many decades yet there seems in this case a deliberate policy of making us feel unsafe. There are arguments in the govenment as soon as Johnson and Cummings presented their plan of herd immunity. The government knew that their medical preparations were inadequate!
  • The government’s patchwork of policies don’t go far enough and so are doomed to failure. But the political opposition in the UK is very weak at the moment as they are in the middle of a leadership election, the only activity in the UK which appears to be going ahead as normal. In spite of all of this, the press is giving the government a free ride.
  • The government has draconian measures ready to go through Parlaiment. Goodbye free speach, strikes, protests… and because of the top down, elite-friendly approach to providing help, the government could turn the whole of the UK into a jail. This sort of legislation is not written in a couple of weeks. It would more likely take months or years to write, but has been signed off in Parlaiment in ultra quick time. It looks like there has been considerable planning – but not of the useful medical kind.
  • It is interesting to note that Boris Johnson campaigned in the General Election on only two policies: Brexit, and the supposed 40 New Hospitals for the “Fanatstic” NHS. Policies that seem straight out of his “Nudge Unit”. Did Johnson have pre-knowledge of this pandemic just like this and this?
  • Could this be possible? Let’s discuss the origin of the virus… The Chinese identified the CovId-19 virus in December after the medical emergency that occured around Wuhan. Subsequently a link to the same virus infecting bats was identified! The link was made to markets selling snakes for food which had then led to the transmission of the virus to humans. (The snakes had eaten bats!)
  • But there is a Conspiracy Theory that the virus started elsewhere. The Chinese themselves have accused the USA of releasing the virus at the 2019 “Military Games” held in Wuhan. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, this pandemic has seriously soured relations between China and USA beyond Huawei. Trump deliberately called CovId-19 the “Chinese Virus” and has merely poured more oil on the fire. The US and Chinese are now in a proxy war.
  • Since Wuhan actually houses the chinese P4 Biochemical Warfare Laboratories, was there a leak from their labs? The United States has a similar facility at Fort Detrick and there were fears that such a leak could happen there. Was the P4 Lab hacked? Is the bat story just a cover? Cue music for “Mission Impossible”.
  • Without going any further through the haze, it looks like there is a national or international agenda which is in the elite’s interests and not ours.

We are being gaslighted now. The news and stats are controlled so working out the truth will be hard. Beyond any Conspiracy Theory is the need to ensure that we all keep safe and do not give Boris Johnson’s government a free ride. They have already stated they want you to die, make sure it is not you!


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