Search Engine Manipulation Effect

Big Tech subliminal manipulation of search engines effectively ends democracy as we know it, according to congressional testimony by Dr Robert Epstien in July 2019 (No relative of Jeffrey, by the way). See video below of his testimony.

We know it happens

In April 2015, Hillary Clinton hired Stephanie Hannon from Google to be her chief technology officer. In 2015 Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google’s holding company started a company – The Groundwork – for the specific purpose of electing Clinton. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, called Google her ‘secret weapon’. Researchers estimated that Google could help her win the nomination and could deliver between 2.6 and 10.4 million general election votes to Clinton via SEME – Search Engine Manipulation Effect. Since search results are ephemeral, legally permissiable evidence could only come via a Google whistleblower or an external hacker. However, Epstien proved this occured with experimental results.

In addition, on June 9, 2016, SourceFed alleged that Google manipulated its searches in favor of Clinton because the recommended searches for her are different than the recommended searches to both Yahoo and Bing and yet the searches for both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are identical to both Yahoo and Bing. When “Hillary Clinton Ind” was entered in the search bar, Google Autocomplete suggested “Hillary Clinton Indiana”, while the other vendors suggested “Hillary Clinton indictment”. Furthermore, SourceFed placed the recommended searches for Clinton on Google Trends and observed that the Google suggestion was searched less than the suggestion from the other vendors.

Dr Epstien’s Video

Robert Epstin’s Video click here from CSPAN.

Relationship to Other Technologies

So search engine results alone can manipulate voters and votes by a huge proportion. This is the impact on intelligent people SEARCHING for information… now consider the impact of Cambridge Analytica’s approach of PUSHING information to casual social media users by ads, messaging and automated “likes”. See 1, 2, 3. Yet the same “ephemeral” characteristics apply to both – both near impossible to detect and only available to the rich and technically savy elite.

Implications for GE2019

The Big Tech effect has been known about for years. The Governments knew what they doing. The anti-Labour, anti-Jeremy Corbyn PysOps was in place since at least 2017 and probably before. Don’t blame the lambs impacted by information manipulation: blame the people that enforced this terrible Tory government onto us.


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