Rich Rewarded by CovId-19

The transfer of risk is a key concept within modern contract deals, in big business and government. However this concept is about to have its ultimate realization with CovId-19.

Following on from the DailyGasLamp article pointing the winners and losers in the CovId-19 crisis and the shocking and unfair policy patchwork rolled out by the Conservatives. Here are yet more examples of how the rich are taking a holiday, having a sing-song and getting bail-outs. Meanwhile front-line workers aren’t even getting PPE while putting their lives on the line. Most of these workers get poor wages and may soon become homeless.

Exhibit A: A US example – but remember all the western corporations are global: ‘F-You, Main Street!’ Federal Reserve will now buy junk bonds while it bails out banks and billionaires. This is Wall Street’s $6 trillion “rescue package”. CEOs, having depleted their assets and taking home record pay and bonuses, have now come hat in hand begging for bailouts. Jerome Powell, the chairmain of US Federal Reserve, has responded with a $2.2 trillion round of bailouts for bankers, billionaires and builders. As part of the bailout, half a trillion dollars is available as backstop cash to be splashed out on big business. Millionaires(!) are each getting $1.6m “stimulus“… Meanwhile UK examples: Easyjet, Virgin Atlatic and Rolls Royce. In fact the UK is in lockstep with the USA approach.

Exhibit B: Mass unemployment with rent arrears soaring and the housing market in free fall are all affecting the 99%. The unemployed and the self employed are being stuffed by small print in the government support schemes. There are so many holes that the support system is a seive.

This economic hit will be yet another disaster just waiting to happen (to the 99%)!

Meanwhile Boris Johnson is celebrated in the newspapers for taking up ICU space without actually being on a ventilator. So, the newspapers and mainstream media continue to gaslight the population… gaslighting by ommission… what has happened to all the other investigations:

I don’t like the way the future seems so dark

The future… 2020 and beyond… Don’t you just feel we are running in the wrong direction? But how do we harness the power of humanity when we are being led by politicians with short term goals supported by a media that is determined to misinform, just providing comforting lies rather than the harsh truth?

What is the truth anyway? Do I have it? Unlikely. But this site hopes to provide a view different from the deliberate misinformation from the Main Stream Media (MSM). I will be posting out the deliberate and continuous spin and “gaslighting” come from ALL newspapers, ALL TV news channels and ALL radio news. The BBC should be providing balance. Some people believe that it still does. But those people have been “gaslighted”.

So, come here… contribute…

  • Point out spin and lies
  • advocate positive change

While we not focus of the small stuff, sometimes language does matter. We will look at the way narrative from the MSM is gaslighting the public.

In summary:

  • This site should be of interest to anybody in this “post-truth” age
  • We will only be be supporting positive change: no hate speech!
  • Gaslighting is easy to spot once it is recognised.