Lock Down? Not so bad (for the rich)

Just to reiterate.

The Government Policy is biased and favours the wealthy. Millionaire MP Jeremy Hunt muses that the lock down “wasn’t all bad” (see picture)… forgetting his role in decimating NHS and Social Services while he was Health Minister and ignoring the results of pandemic simulations and rehearsals.

  • The UK has suffered from one of the worst death rates globally with nearly 45,000 victims…
  • Hundreds of thousands losing their jobs with dreadful unemployment figures…
  • Tens of thousands of businesses will never reopen…
  • Untold Mental Health problems, domestic abuse, impact on children…

Many Ordinary People are suffering badly…

Having lost both my parents to coronavirus just a couple of months ago. Yesterday I lost my job and I’m not entitled to universal credit until August. Today i find myself being forced to give up the family home because I cant afford the payments.

Andrew Lewis Byrne

It was deliberately designed that way.

We had to take it on the chin.

They feel as though they can away with anything.

Government being sued because they handed a contract – single tender – worth £108m for PPE supplies to two guys running a pest control company worth £19,000 – full story here

Who is going to stop them?

Pandemic Disaster and Preferential Response


There is evidence that the disaster resulting from the CovId-19 pandemic is man-made.

And you can’t rely on the evidence from government statistics. This information from CorbettReport.com which contains extensive references to all its claims and conducts open-source investigations.

  • Let’s discuss the origin of the virus… The Chinese identified the CovId-19 virus in December after the medical emergency that occured around Wuhan. Subsequently a link to the same virus infecting bats was identified! The link was made to markets selling wild animals for food which had then led to the transmission of the virus to humans.
  • But there is a Conspiracy Theory that the virus started elsewhere. The Chinese themselves have accused the USA of releasing the virus at the 2019 “Military Games” held in Wuhan. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, this pandemic has seriously soured relations between China and USA beyond Huawei. Trump deliberately called CovId-19 the “Chinese Virus” and has merely poured more oil on the fire. The US and Chinese are now in a proxy war.
  • The virus itself could also be man-made. That statement is not made lightly, there is a good scientific source for this.
  • Since Wuhan actually houses the chinese P4 Biochemical Warfare Laboratories, was there a leak from their labs? The United States has a similar facility at Fort Detrick and there were fears that such a leak could happen there. Was the P4 Lab hacked? Is the bat story just a cover?
  • Without going any further through the haze, it looks like there is a national or international agenda which is in the elite’s interests and not ours.

We are being gaslighted now. The news and stats are controlled so working out the truth will be hard. Beyond any Conspiracy Theory is the need to ensure that we all keep safe and do not give Boris Johnson’s government a free ride. They have already stated they want you to die, make sure it is not you!

Problem, Reaction, Solution

This information needs to be taken in the context of the earlier DailyGasLamp article regarding the smelly state of the US/UK response to this pandemic. The UK and US reponse to this (real) virus is preferential to the rich and right wingburying bad news, and hushing up the internal strife within the Labour Party and the fraudlent GE2019. All during a Presidential election year…


Welcome to your gaslighting. Read this while you can. Such news may be blanked out in the future.

Rich Rewarded by CovId-19

The transfer of risk is a key concept within modern contract deals, in big business and government. However this concept is about to have its ultimate realization with CovId-19.

Following on from the DailyGasLamp article pointing the winners and losers in the CovId-19 crisis and the shocking and unfair policy patchwork rolled out by the Conservatives. Here are yet more examples of how the rich are taking a holiday, having a sing-song and getting bail-outs. Meanwhile front-line workers aren’t even getting PPE while putting their lives on the line. Most of these workers get poor wages and may soon become homeless.

Exhibit A: A US example – but remember all the western corporations are global: ‘F-You, Main Street!’ Federal Reserve will now buy junk bonds while it bails out banks and billionaires. This is Wall Street’s $6 trillion “rescue package”. CEOs, having depleted their assets and taking home record pay and bonuses, have now come hat in hand begging for bailouts. Jerome Powell, the chairmain of US Federal Reserve, has responded with a $2.2 trillion round of bailouts for bankers, billionaires and builders. As part of the bailout, half a trillion dollars is available as backstop cash to be splashed out on big business. Millionaires(!) are each getting $1.6m “stimulus“… Meanwhile UK examples: Easyjet, Virgin Atlatic and Rolls Royce. In fact the UK is in lockstep with the USA approach.

Exhibit B: Mass unemployment with rent arrears soaring and the housing market in free fall are all affecting the 99%. The unemployed and the self employed are being stuffed by small print in the government support schemes. There are so many holes that the support system is a seive.

This economic hit will be yet another disaster just waiting to happen (to the 99%)!

Meanwhile Boris Johnson is celebrated in the newspapers for taking up ICU space without actually being on a ventilator. So, the newspapers and mainstream media continue to gaslight the population… gaslighting by ommission… what has happened to all the other investigations:

CovId-19 Policy Patchwork

The Conservative Government under the leadership of Boris Johnson has had a distinctly dreadful approach to the CovId-19 pandemic. Since their initial stumble, the government has unveiled a patchwork of policies to support industries, particularly the financial sector, then almost as an afterthought, a further patchwork of policies to support workers, a novel concept for Conservatives. Yet it seems that these people centric policies are quite threadbare and the result will be a whole raft of winners and losers both in terms of financial and health outcomes.

Winners and Losers

The following is a review of job type by social grade and it illustrates that over 50% of the working population cannot work from home with only a third of the self-employed able to keep working, (assuming, that is, there is enough economic activity to keep them going).

  • Employed people in AB and C1 grades (Management, professionals and adminstrative) are winners both in terms of finances and health outcomes.
  • The 66% of the self-employed and most of the C2 and DE grades, skilled manual labour and unskilled – which is some 40% of the workforce – will either be worse off financially, having to apply for Universal Credit, OR will be on the front line of the Cornavirus pandemic.


Social grade statistics are given below.

This is an estimate of the potential for homeworking for employed and self-employed people at different social grades based upon the availability of communication systems that would allow home working and the types of jobs involved.

The Office of National Satistics provides the total size of the UK workforce as 31,800,000 and the proportion of self-employed as 15% of the total. This figure is applied (not quite realistically) across all social grades to provide the following pie charts. The AB are Dark Blue – winners – they can work from home – except if they are self-employed! The DE are light blue and C2 are yellow – they can’t work from home – serious losers – either they are on the front line or financially impacted. The tourist industry including pubs, hotels etc accounts for about 3 million (10% of the workforce). The Government have given them special support (80% of salary). So the remaining C2 and DE will either be employed on the front line at low wages or they will be queueing for Universal Credit.

The C1 grade (red) are doing nearly as well as the AB grade (except of course, these jobs are likely to be decimated by future technology improvements in AI).

Social Group Potential for Home Working (DailyGasLamp)

And this says nothing about the economically “inactive”, retired, disabled, students or those people caught in the gig economy (at least they are probably used to the internet world).

Using the numbers and proportions given above, over 50% of the working population cannot work from home with only a third of the self-employed able to keep working, assuming there is enough economic activity to keep them going.

Home Working Potential (DailyGasLamp)

This probably does not say anything new. But it does say it with pie charts. Even the BBC (now finally) are pointing out that the poor are losing out while the rich sit around.

Front Line Thanks

Obviously the people on the front line have guarenteed jobs but their health is at risk. Many are working without adequate PPE. A round of thanks must go to:

  • Health workers (Doctors, nurses, paramedics and all ancillory workers)
  • Local Council services including Social Care workers particularly the elderly or supporting the sick and disabled in society
  • Food and drug industry including retail and delivery services (including mail and parcels)
  • Public transport, electricity, water services, telecommunications
  • Cleaning services and refuse dispoal
  • Security services (Police, Armed Forces, Fire brigade, Prison Services etc)

These people all deserve immediate pay rises and recognition. No doubt there is a list of other people that haven’t been mentioned here. Contributions welcome.

Suggestions for future policy provided here

Too Much News

There is too much news and not enough analysis. CovId-19 is seriously changing the world. Who knew that a Cold Virus would cause so much mayhem? Besides Boris Johnson, of course…

The DailyGasLamp is hard at work on several stories… here is the heads up:

  • The relationship of the campaign of Anonymous Companies and Brexit – and the destruction of the planet – it’s hideous. Contributions to follow this up would be welcome.
  • Bernie Sanders getting the “Jeremy Corbyn treatment” by the USA media. This pandemic has turned up at exactly the time to disrupt Sanders’ presidential campaign…
  • DailyGasLamp is still following up the (illegal) use of AI for the GE2019 campaign. See new article here
  • Finally… (hold your breath)…
  • Stories that the CovId-19 virus itself is man-made. That statement is not made lightly, there is a good scientific source for this.

We built a chimeric virus encoding a novel, zoonotic CoV spike protein—from the RsSHC014-CoV sequence that was isolated from Chinese horseshoe bats—in the context of the SARS-CoV mouse-adapted backbone. The hybrid virus allowed us to evaluate the ability of the novel spike protein to cause disease independently of other necessary adaptive mutations in its natural backbone.

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence
Vineet D Menachery et al

This information needs to be taken in the context of the earlier DailyGasLamp article regarding the smelly state of the US/UK response to this pandemic.

COVID-19 and Future Policy

As predicted last July, part time prime minister Boris Johnson has terrible leadership skills. This isn’t the first crisis he has backed away from responsibility but this time his response to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency may have major impact. Loose talk or policy, whatever, the term “Herd Immunity” has horrified scientists world wide when its been applied to COVID-19: such a policy could condemn as many as 1 million to death in the UK with no guarantee that any future immunity protection would occur. The UK stance of “no action” has been condemned by the World Health Organisation and regardless of whether it is right or wrong, science-based or just mumbo-jumbo, the UK government should be working with other neighbours, especially the EU, on a coordinated approach to the pandemic. Instead Johnson’s “your loved ones may die”, “take it on the chin” approach, seems to have been taken from the Donald Trump’s lead: while the UK policy has been bad, the USA is far worse! If you want to hear how bad that then listen to Mike Galsworthy broadcast on twitter!

Future Specific Policies

Anyway, assuming that many people are covering the Cornavirus in detail… then let’s discuss what policies are required to move forward out of this crisis…

Various commentators have suggested the following postive approaches at addressing the crisis:

  • Testing of people suspected of COVID-19 at home – rather than bunging up hospitals and doctor’s offices and causing spread of the virus
  • Test for people at airports / ports – all part of a wider track and trace system to contain and understand the epidemology of the virus.
  • Providing people with proper sick leave (even for people just suspected of having the disease).
  • Minimise contact and reduce public gatherings until test, contain and control policies are in place – this could be several months
  • Build more ventilators for hospitals
  • Fund NHS, find a cure, roll it out
  • Release of non-violent prisoners from jail

Wider Policies

But already we have run into problems: testing at home? testing at airports? proper sick pay? release prisoners? All these policies need a complete change in government direction! What about the problems to travel/transport/retail/catering/tourism/entertainment industries? Are these just going to go to the wall?

What we need is:

  • Universal Basic Income
  • Nationalised public transport
  • Relief from mortgages and rents
  • Free education for nurses. Actually for all students. End student debt!
  • Free broadband for everyone
  • End homelessness

A form of QE for the rest of us. This just a short list… for a full list see here

Potential Problems

What we don’t need is “socialism-for-the-already-rich”:

Enabling a Change of Direction

There is no point, wishing for a Corbyn-led government. That boat has sailed. In the UK the chances of dislodging Boris Johnson lies in the courts, not parlaiment (but stranger things have happened). But this year, the best change of direction would be a Bernie Sanders president in the USA. A Sanders Presidency would be a siesmic shift towards a greener, health conscious, anti-war set of policies. Despite his huge appeal to US voters, the DNC is attempting to anoint “gaffe machine” Joe Biden by… voter suppression! This is on-top of the other fun and games in earlier rounds of state elections where there has been troubling mismatches between exit poll and final totals.

Collectively we know the right thing to do. Yet the billionaires are funding and fixing puppet leaders, gaslighting a proportion of the population (and most of the mainstream media), to ensure the rich get richer and the poor – not just get poorer but to completely die off! So yet again, no matter what we do, we come back to this concept of “democracy”… do we want this or not? It either needs to be fair or… what? Please add a comments below?