Election Fraud 2019 – Scope

This post is a selected summary of the range of election fraud during GE2019. Ranging from bribes, bias, to global conspiracies. With this width we can’t go into much depth and by definition will not capture everything… but depth is recorded in links.

Brexit Party Bribes

The Metropolitan Police Service are assessing two allegations of electoral fraud, following claims made by Brexit party leader Nigel Farage that the Conservative Party had offered peerages to himself and other Brexit Party election candidates in exchange for their withdrawal from constituency seats. News article here

Mainstream Media Bias

The newspapers have a known bias (recently reinforced by Boris Johnson). But the BBC is supposedly impartial and in “purdah” during elections, but they went out of its way to edit video to make Johnson look good and not following up the Jennifer Arcuri scandal, or critical of his withholding of the “Russia Report” while also rigging the Question Time audiences.

Boris Johnson is compromised, full article here. The BBC is deliberately not reporting this and much else: see John Sweeney’s whistleblower report here. Follow twitter #BBCbias and #BBCLiesandBias for more details.

Confidence, No Ground Campaign and Surprise Win

Conservatives had no “ground game” in the north of England. BBC Newsnight clip here. On Twitter the campaign was muted with a few photo ops – but nothing like the hundreds turning out for Labour and the tens of thousands of tweets/photos on #labourdoorstep.

There were large queues of young people at polling stations. Tweet here

The Tories were confident in winning despite drop in support. Tweet here. Brexit Party thought Tories had no chance in South Wales and North. Video here

Shock win. Tweet here. Exactly as the Tories predicted: an 80 seat majority! Confounding all other political polls.

Huge swing in Bishop Auckland, for instance, (Slim Labour majority of 500 in 2017) Conservative majority of 8000 in 2019 despite large Labour ground campaign. Tweet here

The general opinion that Labour Voters were persuaded not to vote, voted LibDem or Brexity Party while the Conservative vote held up. Tweet here and here. There’s lots of analysis of why supposedly Labour Lost: not honoring the referendum, Corbyn untrusted, Marxist policies, too many policies(!) and cost.

Ian Isaac’s analysis on a DailyGasLamp comment stated “The average swing away from Labour in 2019 compared to 2017 was 8%. 1 in 8 voted Tory. 3 in 8 voted Lib Dems. 4 in 8 voted for Greens and Brexit Party and others: clearly a protest vote [with voters saying] “I’m not voting Labour this time nor will I ever vote Tory”. This was enough for 52 out of 54 Midlands and northern seats to be lost by Labour.”

Clearly the MSM condemnation of Labour and Corbyn had worked on a percentage of the population. But was it 8%? And why did the Tory vote hold up so well when many of the Tory grandees were saying “don’t vote Conservative”?

Why didn’t the Tory vote also fall (as expected by the Brexit Party and LibDems)? Was there something else?

Electoral Roll Errors and Delays

Expected voter suppression known about before the election. News article here

Cardiff students protest about Electoral Roll errors. Video here News article here

Polling cards but not on electoral roll. News article here. Tweet here

In Swindon, Civica wrongly informed 3,000 voters they were not eligible to vote. Thousands of postal votes in Waltham Forest having to be hand delivered because of the software errors. Tweet here

Postal Vote arrives 2 months late. Tweet here

Security of Ballot Concerns

Envelopes being insecure. News article here

BBC appeared to have knowledge of postal vote intentions. News article here

IDOX systems is an Election Management System Software and Service provider. Their systems are used to used to manage Postal Votes in around 80% of UK constituencies. It does not count votes but managing the requests, sending out voter packs, verifying the packs and managing the electoral rolls. Conservative Peter Lilly was a former director of IDOX – he could have passed on details to people that could then easily hack the IDOX systems. Article here. Could IDOX software be hacked to delay the postal ballot papers being sent out or suppress postal votes by selective vetting? An example of an individual case. PV arrived “too late”. Tweet here. Tweet here

IDOX could certainly provide “profile data” but why bother when UK Council websites already provide data to data collective services such as LiveRamp whose business is to “profile” people sell it to Cambridge Analytica or similar to predict voter intentions? News article here

Postal Vote Fraud

Suspected postal vote fraud in the Scottish Referendum.

Problem with postal ballots earlier in 2019 with “Lessons learned”… to ensure fraud not detected in GE? Article here

50 cases of voter impersonation. News article here “Police across the UK have been asked to investigate more than 50 allegations of electoral fraud related to Thursday’s elections in areas previously identified as vulnerable to vote-rigging…. Officers in Manchester, Bradford, London and Birmingham have begun inquiries after receiving complaints about “ghost” voters, false statements by candidates and multiple attempts to vote by a single person…. (also) Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Calderdale, Coventry, Derby, Hyndburn, Kirklees, Oldham, Pendle, Peterborough, Slough, Tower Hamlets, Walsall and Woking… (and) 14 investigations across Greater London… Police have also been asked to investigate allegations of intimidation and tampering with postal votes.”

The “Postal Vote Investigation” has collected many cases. See tweet here

Global Conspiracy

Managing a rigged election on this scale is hugely complicated. Surely it can’t be done? Only Conspiracy Theorists could possibly think that known liar and cheat, Boris Johnson, could lie, cheat and defraud his party to victory?

Well, the information associated with a global right wing conspiracy is all mainstream. See TV documentary on how total situation awareness was achieved using Big Data Analytics. Article here. Having achieved situation awareness, the options for manipulation are endless. How much of this is legal and how much is fraud? Consider the following uses for Dominic Cummings’ Voter Intention Collection System (VICS) if connected to Social Media data feeds, AI and bots:

  • Situation awareness could gauge the accuracy of polls
  • Artifical Intelligence systems could determine whether attack-ads worked and for whom
  • Determination of voter intentions direct from social media feeds. If not-one-of-us, can we stop them voting? Or if maybe one-of-us (judged by social circle), can we encourage them to vote… use of sock puppets and bots on social media can be used to encourage or discourage voter behaviour.
  • Can we delay sending postal votes here?
  • Can we impersonate voters who are not likely to vote at all?

Relationship between VL, Cummings, Mercer and Cambridge Analytica. Tweet here

Evidence for social media manipulations and the immense social media capability available to the Tories, particularly sock puppet accounts, is provided in the response to the boy-on-the-floor in Leeds Hospital fake news twitter storm.

Helped by friendly nations? Claiming credit for damaging reputations… Article here. Article on PysOps here

Over Spending

Since the Conservatives own camapign admits to breaking spending limits in the past, we have to assume that spending limits were also broken this time too. The 100,000 strong Conservative Party raised funds more the 500,000 Labour party by at least a factor of ten mainly from donations from millionaires and billionaires. Funding for elections is supposed to be strictly controlled… but will the cost of Dominic Cummings VICS system be recorded as a campaign cost? Or the cost of all the third party Corbyn attacks ads included? Unlikely.

So, was this a Rigged Election? University of Loughborough just reviewing the Mainstream Media bias says “yes“. Now add in everything else… nothing was left to chance.

Sheeple. Are you ready for this?

Situation Awareness or “How to win an election without really trying!”

How could the Tories be so certain that they would win a General Election? The answer is “Situation Awareness”. You just need to read up on Dominic Cummings’ blog about his Voter Intention Collection System on how it was used in the Vote Leave campaign and how it was re-used for GE2019.

On October 24th, 2019 – there were fears of electoral chaos…

General election: Proposal for snap vote in December sparks fears of electoral roll chaos
Warnings of polling station shortages and administrative mix-ups amid mounting speculation of pre-Christmas poll

“Britain is facing the possibility of electoral chaos if Boris Johnson pushes ahead with plans for a December general election…. A pre-Christmas snap election would force officials to use two different electoral registers to manage voting, potentially leading to confusion and delays…. The electoral roll is updated annually on 1 December, meaning the new register would be in place in time to be used for a possible election… However, polling cards for an early December election would need to be sent out in November, meaning one electoral register would be used for sending the cards and another used for the actual election… It means that people could see their polling cards, which include details of where they should go to vote, sent to their old address… Peter Stanyon, chief executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators, which represents returning officers, said a poll in December would… risked people being wrongly marked as having voted when they had not.

Would this bother the Conservatives? Obviously not, who are most likely to one of the 9 million voters elible to vote but not correctly registerd? The poor (in rented accomodation) or youngsters – both demographics likely to vote Labour. As the article says “You shouldn’t have to opt in to your right to vote. As the Electoral Commission note, we need to move towards automatic registration now, starting with being able to check you are registered online, and being able to register whenever you engage with government bodies or services. We know this works from other countries.” So the information is available of where the voters are and whether they mismatch the electoral rolls… I bet this information had been captured for complete situation awareness of Voter Intentions! It could even by itself explain the drop in the number of Labour votes…

But there is more. Chaos does not increase confidence… only order and control provides confidence. November 2019, Tories predicted an 80 seat majority. A lousy campaign later, #Trustgate, #Wreathgate, Boy on Hospital floor, #Fridgegate etc Dominic Cummings #VICS system gave them exactly an 80 seat majority. That is some “situation awareness”! This level of estimation requires computers especially since the Tories had no ground camapign in the north! They had every voter identified, every voter’s politics analysed by computer, every intention to vote predicted or persuaded or impersonated or blocked. Rigged? You bet!

PysOp GE2019

The Previous Daily GasLamp post refered to GE2019 as a PysOp – which stands for Pyschological Operation. So PysOp is a mission conducted by Pyschological Warfare (a little known part of the art of warfare but this is still as old as Sun Tzu.) This post expands upon that statement.

Firstly the reason, why a PysOp was needed was because Jeremy Corbyn together with the Labour party had effectively challenged the Conservatives in the 2017 snap election coming close to knocking them from power. However, Teresa May clung on as PM… she later taunted Corbyn over the desptach box that he’d never become Prime Minister, perhaps alluding to an establishment stitch up. Another election was obviously only another one or two years away. The Conservatives hoped that Brexit would be achieved and would do better against Labour but by October 2019, another Brexit Deadline had been missed.

Meanwhile, the establishment, namely newsmedia, civil service, public schools, intelligence and armed services (although not the legal profession, so much) were not too pleased with Corbyn. The armed forces were using a photo of Corbyn for target practice. The establishment would plan to ensure that Corbyn with his anti-Trump, anti-Israel, anti-nuclear-weapon, anti-war, anti-Royalty policies could never be enabled.

Who could do it?

World leaders in PysOps are the USA, Israel or Russia and these countries all have a vested interested in a Conservative Win in the GE. While the UK also has a PysOps capability, it is probably unlikely that a British military services would be used, but it could be done by other UK organisations… such as the likes of the Institute for Statecraft. To quote wikipedia, their “Integrity Initiative’s twitter account had been used to smear Corbyn and the Labour Party. The Foreign Office minister, Alan Duncan ordered an investigation into the reports and stated “Not only must [anti-Labour attacks by Statecraft] stop, I want to know why on earth it happened in the first place.” MP Chris Williamson argued that it promoted the “denigration of the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn” and called for an inquiry.

If the Institute for Statecraft was not used then other, equally clandestine, organisations spun off from the Deep State could also be responsible.

What is a PysOp?

The process of a PysOP is well documented and is as follows:

  1. clearly define the mission so that it aligns with national objectives
  2. need a PSYOP estimate of the situation
  3. prepare the plan
  4. media selection
  5. product development
  6. pre-testing – determines the probable impact of the PSYOP on the target audience
  7. production and dissemination of PSYOP material
  8. implementation
  9. post-testing – evaluates audience responses
  10. feedback

So a proposed PysOp for GE2019 could look like the following:

1. Clearly define a plan: rig the election so that the Conservatives Win.

2. PYSOP estimation: the election despite being rigged but must appear to be fair and the mismatch between expectation and rigged result could be explained by propaganda generated both before and after the election.

3. The plan was prepared and tested both re-using the successful Vote Leave strategy enabled through Cambridge Analytica (see other DailyGasLamp articles how this was achieved) and secondly tested out in the Copeland Bye Election

4. Media Selection: everything! All channels to be used to bombard the public with anti-Corbyn propaganda including BBC and social media.

5. Product Development. The basic solution for this PysOp was the development of a solution that provided Situational Awareness of voter intentions. This was the solution used with Vote Leave and just upgraded for GE2019 by Dominic Cummings as described by Dominic Cummings in his blog.

6. Pre-testing. Dominic Cummings describes how pre-testing of social media ads was done on small groups then expanded out and in any case, the approach was successful in Vote Leave. Facebook allowed targeting of ads to just the people that would be most susceptible.

7. Production of PysOp material – besides the usual right wing newspapers – included the supposedly politically neutral BBC that seemed intent on creating the worst character assassination of Corbyn. Many people expressed dislike for Jeremy Corbyn, but when pressed could not be specific about the reasons why although normally pro-terrorist or ant-semitism were mentioned. As an anti-war, anti-racist, anti-zionist campaigner, Corbyn had developed quite a few enemies in the establishment… Others pointed out he did not display traditional military style leadership methods. Corbyn, indeed, led by building consensus and in the process grew the Labour Party to be the largest political party in Europe. This forming another reason why the establishment did not like him.

8. Implementation: there are multiple lines of attack here: Propaganda – full spectrum covergage, targetted ads, sock puppets and bots to retweet and encourage the right behaviour with “voter intention feedback” from automatic AI-based inspection of social media pages of targetted voters.

9. Post-testing. Finally with a complete Big Data view provided complete “situation awareness” allowed the minimum amount of vote rigging… Social Media was used to monitor the campaign and just before the Postal Vote deadline, Dominic Cummings noted that they didn’t have the numbers… so postal vote fraud was required. No doubt exact numbers of how many votes were required to push their candidates over the line (with a small margin for error) was provided for each constituency…

10. Feedback was the election result. The BBC exit poll had it spot on… but hang on… 38% of the the votes were postal vote. If, as Dominic Raab and Laura Kuenssberg mentioned before election day, the postal vote was expected to be mainly Tory… shouldn’t the exit poll be slightly different? Nope. The BBC obviously had all the intell they needed….

Everyone now agrees with the political story that Corbyn was an unpopular politician with unpopular policiies hence he lost the election. Rather than the truth: a fraudulent election fixed by computer analytics fed from illegal use of social media, automation, pyschographics and postal vote rigging. The propaganda fog from the compliant main stream media being so dense that everyone believes the narrative. No-one believes that they have been gas-lighted.